Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Impression Scanner is Here!

Wow! What a cool piece of equipment! Our computerized digital arch scanner is up and running. Janice and Julia are training on how to use it right now. This means that we don't take alginate impressions for starting and finished records anymore. (We will still need to take impressions to make retainers, but even that may change in the future.) Instead of a mouthful of goop to make your study models, we take a scan of your teeth with a handheld scanner. It's just like taking a series of pictures of the teeth and takes about the same amount of time as taking impressions. Rough models can be viewed on the monitor after the scan is complete. We are the first office in the state of Indiana to have this new technology. Our patients start getting the benefits of this new tech tomorrow, today is training day.

Monday, December 7, 2009

More from the North Pole

Dr. Kevin and his elves continue to perfect their routines for the upcoming performance for the "Big Guy" himself at the North Pole. Checkout the links below to see how their routines are coming:

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Kevin and some of his fellow elves have been hard at work on their holiday dance routine. Check them out by clicking here